Wet Zone Pool Mats

If you are looking for a safe mat in wet areas, this is the right solution for you. In fact, the wet zone pool mats are perfect to protect from slippery edges. The non-slip mats are comfortable, safe and hygienic as it also safeguards from germs. Moreover, they can help avoid injuries from slip and fall accidents due to wet surfaces, this non-slip mat are an outstanding choice. Get the most out for your pool area with this easy and affordable anti-slip mat.
·       In pools and wet zones
·       Risky zones due to wetness 
Benefits and features
·       Completely comfortable and safe in pool areas
·       Amazing water drainage
·       Manufactured 100% of PVC
·       Lightweight with 0.2 inches thickness
·       Easy to clean
·       Odorless
·       Near water in pool areas
Ecoguard Recycled Mats
We recommend you to use our eco-friendly recycle mats which have being manufactured thinking in our environment safe. This mat is made from 100% post-consumer recycled drinking bottles. In addition recycled mats offer a higher floor protection by scrubbing dirt and moisture from shoes. Moreover, we are sure our recycled mats will meet all of your requirements and surpass your expectations as well give you something you deserve.
Benefits and features
·       Perfect to trap dirt and moisture due to its Bi-Level technology
·       Resistant rubber
·       Anti-slip surface
·       Easy cleaning and maintenance
·       Made with fashionable fabric border
·       Smooth rubber backing
·       5 different colors to use in diamond pattern design
·       Hard floor surfaces
·       Entranceways
·       Hallways
·       Hotel and apartment lobbies

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